Sydney based photographers, David & Jenny-Lynn Gray have been diving together since they met in 1997. They began taking photographs underwater after a trip to the Lembeh Straits of Indonesia. It was here that their passion for photography began.

Originally both were shooting Nikon F100 film SLRs, in Sea and Sea housings. Hours would be spent bent over the lightbox looking for the perfect image captured on Velvia, or Kodak Ektachrome slide film. Now it's a very different digital world, with millions of pixels to deal with on the computer after trips and an ever growing challenge to store and catalogue images. 

David's passion for architecture and design, has led him to dedicate much of his time to Commercial, Architectural and Industrial Photography.

If you have a beautiful new home, structure, or office fit-out that requires photographing, please contact David for a quote - mobile 0421 569 790 or send an email to [email protected]